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American Steel Carports Inc. - The Peg House Call Gary today and get your Steel Building set up.
The A Frame Style The New A-Frame Residential Style buildings offer a different look.
Agriculture Buildings Our Agricultural Buildings are ideal for most any farm application.
Hex Shaped Buildings Truly a genuine American classic style building here at American Steel Carports we specialize in the manufacturing of this design.
Mini Storage Units Our Mini-Storage Units are the perfect addition to any backyard.
The Open Carport Style Our Open Carports come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Open Span Warehouses American Steel Carports has years of experience building commercial and residential warehouses.
Partial Enclosed Carports Each Partial Enclosed Carport is carefully constructed from 29 gauge steel for the roof and sides with your choice of 12 or 14 gauge steel tubing for the framework.
RV Cover Style A great way to protect your RV from the outside weather elements.
Standard Garage The standard style garage gives your garage the rounded/curved look, and comes in a variety of sizes.
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Monday June 27 , 2016
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Never Don't Stop At The Peg House

The Peg House now offers American Steel Carports Inc line of steel buildings. Serving Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity and Lake County as well as the rest of California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. CALL GARY - 707 925-6444

  • Garages
  • Agriculture Buildings
  • Storage Style Steel Buildings
  • A-Frame Style Steel Buildings
  • Hex Shape Steel Buildings
Standish-Hickey State Park is OPEN.  
We encourage everyone to please use and support locally operated parks.
can be made by calling 707-925-6482

10 YEAR Anniversary

Friday Oct 24th - 6:00 PM

Adam (Super) Manus' band 454 will open with some classic rock starting at 6PM. That will be followed by the Blues of JC Smith, just returned from Argentina and Russia. JC Smith band is also renowned for being the best dressed band in the Bay area so we are asking (not requiring) that you dress up (to the nines). Hope to see you there.

JC Smith at The Peg House


The Peg House is definitely a must see when traveling through the Redwoods in Northern California. Hence the saying Never Don’t Stop At The Peg House.

You never know when you stop, if you may walk in on live entertainment on stage any given day, or just enjoy a great meal hot off the grill on the patio, or a deli sandwich freshly made in the store.

The store has many one of a kind items, and many may not be necessary, but most are must have items.


One of the questions people often ask is why the name Peg House? It is because what is now the general store and gas station, was built with a construction method using Pegs instead of nails to join the timbers. It has been a land Mark along the US 101 since the early days. Sporting a Police car with a couple of dummies inside that resemble the Blues Brothers, non-residents of the area who maybe exceeding the speed limit can often be seen hitting the brakes as they pass mistaking it for a real police car. But be aware there maybe a real officer near by.

The Blues Mobile

NEWS FLASH!! JUNE 11, 2011

The Peg House just voted top ranking for hamburgers in Sunset Magazine.

The Peg House, Leggett, CA (Sunset reader favorite). The Summer of Love returns to the California redwoods: back-to-the-Earth groove, live music, and a barbecue that grills lustfully juicy bacon cheeseburgers.

The Peg House Burger


The Peg House offers many features to help the traveling souls and the local folks as well:

  • StoreGet all the basics here plus some unusual items.
  • FOOD!!Tri-ips, Burgers, Deli Sandwiches, Salads and Brownies of unusual sizes.
  • U-HaulEasy access U-Haul rentals.
  • MUSICLive music through-out the spring, summer and fall.
  • CampingEasy Access to Standish Hickey State Campground.
  • FriendlyFriendly atmosphere with helpful folks.




A Mouse In Your Pocket

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2010 Featured Many Legends

2010 at the Peg House